Top 6 luxury chocolate brands

Top 6 luxury chocolate brands

Chocolate is most favourite sweet that is the reason why there are so many luxury chocolate brands. Chocolate has a unique, rich and sweet taste. Presence of a high amount of cocoa in a chocolate makes it beneficial as it helps in lowering cholesterol. It may also contain a low amount of fats and sugar. Chocolate has a large number of calories and also has high levels of antioxidants.

Nine out of ten people like chocolate the tenth person always lies. Giving chocolate as a gift on occasions make it more special and fills more sweetness. Here is the list of top 10 luxury chocolate brands which you can give to your special ones on their special days.

Ferrero Rocher"<yoastmark

Ferrero Rocher is one of delicious chocolate. Also, a perfect gift for every occasion. Its place of origin is Italy. Pietro Ferrero begins to fulfil his dreams of selling good quality of chocolate by opening a workshop in Alba. Its first scale production starts in 1946. After gaining so much sell in Italy. He started the abroad journey of this brand in 1956 by opening a large factory in German and followed by in France.

Main ingredients are milk chocolate, butter oil, cocoa powder and vanillin with hazelnut shell. And packed in a golden cover which makes it eye catchy.



It is Pakistan’s largest retailer of food products. In 1987 gourmet started with a small shop and after while they spread the network all over Pakistan. Now, it has three main headquarters in Ichhra, Lahore and Pakistan It bakes a wide range of food products and has approx 61 products of chocolates, candy and toffees. Among 61 there is a list of some amazing chocolates of gourmet which you must try.

  • Raspberries rolled in white chocolate:-  Raspberries rolled in white chocolate is a luxury chocolate – it has a unique and amazing taste with each bite.
  • Gourmet handmade chocolates:- Special chocolate of gourmet made by the use of unique recipes. It is one of the well-known brands for handmade chocolates.
  • Belgian chocolates.
  • Dark chocolate (Gourmet).


It is one of the oldest London chocolate brands which was established in 1902. It has been awarded by two royal awards from Queen Elizabeth (2) in 1975 and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in 1999. Prestat exports its chocolates and truffles to Japan, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, India etc.

Popular Products:- Ruby chocolate thins, Dark sea salt caramel truffles and Sea salt caramel chocolate florentines.




Why is Lindt so good? The Lindt’s Maitres Chocolatiers is the real masters of their craft. And always try to offer us a chocolate that melts softly in your mouth. It is best for a gift or a simple treat with a wide range of delicious dark chocolates.

The story of Lindt.

In 1879 Rodolphe Lindt established this brand. Earlier chocolates used to be very hard to chew Rodolphe wanted to make chocolate which can melt in the mouth or soft chocolate so that one can have joy for the senses. After performing so many experiments finally he succeeds to make the recipe of that type of chocolate which can melt in the mouth.


It is fine Belgian chocolate. In 1926 Joseph Draps, a master chocolatier founded Godiva. It prides itself on elegant packaging and high-quality ingredients. You can get a miscellaneous collection of white, milk and dark chocolate.

Must try Godiva dark chocolate covered strawberries. In this juicy strawberry covered in Belgian dark chocolate. It may also contain tree nuts, wheat, eggs, milk and soy.


In 2000 Montezuma starts its little chocolate business with only a kitchen sink sized machine. Montezuma’s handmade chocolates are super delicious. It is acclaimed for its innovative chocolate making skills and quirky packaging.

Must try the Radical Bar Library.








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